Front-end Developer (HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress)

About C. Wayne Smiley

C. Wayne Smiley at work with his daughterMy name’s C. Wayne Smiley and I’m a web designer. My whole life I’ve enjoyed being on computers, but most of that time growing up was playing different games, not actually programming or building websites. As I got older (and I think wiser) I realized that I could put all of that time into something worthwhile and something that I still enjoy. As I’ve dedicated the last four years to website design I’ve grown to love it and think about it every single day. I first taught myself WordPress for a position at work, but soon realized that WordPress was just a stepping stone and that there were so many other things out there for me. I would look at websites and think, “man, I’d love to do that, I wonder how they do it!” and that drove me to be where I’m at now. I know that I’m still somewhat new to the web design world, but I’m passionate about my work and believe that a man is as good as his word, and I won’t put my name on something that I don’t believe is worth showing on the interwebs.

As I mentioned earlier, I taught myself WordPress by watching videos produced by BlueHost and realized that there was so much more out there. I went to the basics of web design through, doing their HTML, PHP, and JavaScript tutorials. For anyone out there that wants to improve their coding skills, I would highly recommend going to and getting a base knowledge there.

How C. Wayne Smiley Got His Start

C. Wayne Smiley playing at the park with his daughterAfter I felt good with the basics of HTML I started playing around with CSS and finding out all the wonderful things that it can do. I soon became discouraged though as there was the whole push for mobile-friendly websites, and mine just weren’t cutting it. I soon found out about media queries and found out how awesome and useful they are. They definitely helped me to transform my mundane sites into fully responsive and mobile-friendly websites. I’ve also got to give a shout-out to the folks at HeadWay Themes as I immediately fell in love with their theme when I saw it. In fact, the site that you’re viewing right now is built using their theme. Of course I’ve customized the template but still, they have provided a wonderful base for me to build my sites on.

There’s a lot more to me than just my web design career. All growing up I had actually planned to go into medicine as I have always had a huge desire to help people. About the time that I was going to go into medicine a lot of things changed that led me to not want to pursue that career; luckily I had been working for a hosting company during school and they afforded me the opportunity to continue my web design career with them. Besides wanting to help people, I love to have lots of fun. I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful daughter and we love to go swimming together, take walks, and just spend time together. I’ve always enjoyed playing sports. I played soccer all growing up, as well as tennis, football, bowling, archery, racquetball, ping-pong, basketball, street hockey, and pretty much anything else out there (besides golf, I hate golf).

I also have a nerdy side to me, much to the chagrin and surprise of my wife, which includes superhero anything (movies, comic books, shirts), Role Playing Games (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Heroes Unlimited), Magic The Gathering, sci-fi & fantasy books (I love Ender’s Game), Shark Week, the History Channel, WWII films (with original footage), and other such things.

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