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Diabetes Lawsuit

Diabetes Lawsuit

This website hit especially close to home for me as my father was recently diagnosed with Diabetes. I had heard a lot about Diabetes growing up and throughout my medical classes at university but I hadn’t ever really given it much thought until my dad got it. I hope and pray that we’ll never have to go through a Diabetes Lawsuit, but if I do, I know the people that I’ll be going to in order to help me out.

About the Diabetes Lawsuit Site

I was extremely pleased with how this site turned out. It’s responsive, mobile friendly, and looks very crisp and clean. When I originally saw the .psd document I wasn’t sure how the site was going to turn out, but after working on it, going back and forth with the customer and brainstorming together, we were able to arrive at the point where the site currently is. An interesting issue that I ran into on this site was when I was working with Gravity Forms. Because there are multiple forms on the home page an issue was discovered that when you pressed tab to go to the next field it would jump between the two forms. After doing some digging and research I was able to come up with some PHP code that eliminates that issue, as you can see on the live site. Besides that little hiccup the design went off without a hitch and both the customer and I are very content with the end results, as you can read below.

What the Diabetes Lawsuit Customer Said About Me

“I highly recommend working with Wayne! I run a digital marketing company and have worked with many website development freelancers over the years. Wayne has been a key go-to developer for many of my websites. I find that he continually goes above and beyond the project requirements to make sure that he delivers excellence. You can rely on Wayne to not only provide great work product, but to communicate quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend hiring Wayne. I know that I’ll continue to do so.”

You can view the whole site here.

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