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Kent Woolridge

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I had the pleasure of walking Kent Woolridge through his WordPress website over a year ago. I taught him the basics of WordPress, things like adding pages, changing words, changing fonts, adding posts, and contributing to his portfolio section. He was such a pleasure to work with that I’ve stayed in contact with him and he’s become a good friend. Not only do I continue to help him expand his WordPress knowledge, I also manage his website by updating his themes and plugins and making regular other updates. He’s been a pleasure to work with and I expect many more joyful interactions with him.

A brief bio about Kent Woolridge:

“Seeking a more challenging opportunity in office and facility management with a leading financial services firm where my resourcefulness and experience would be an asset. I combine valuable interpersonal skills with strong organizational skills and result-oriented focus geared towards making progress and greater productivity. Particular interests include maintaining a well organized office structure and being a source of support to my colleagues as they strive to do their personal best with the mission of helping the organization achieve its broader goals. My proficiencies in time and project management, interpersonal and vendor relations, and meeting planning logistics add to a unique skill set that would be a valuable asset to a wide variety of firms in the financial services industry.”

You can check out his wonderful website by going here:

What Kent Woolridge had to say about me:

“I count on Wayne for his technical expertise and design experience. What I like most is when he doesn’t know the answer to something he’ll say so then find out. I value his integrity and always happy to work with him. He’s extremely professional and genuinely concerned with his client’s needs.”

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