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Lawyer Website

Lawyer Website

I think at one point in time or another everyone wants to be a lawyer, but I don’t think many people ever think “I’d really like to build a lawyer website”. Growing up I did want to be a lawyer but it was only for a very brief time. I then moved on to other things like being a doctor, pilot, and police man before I finally wound up where I am today: a web designer.

About this Lawyer Website

Like some other sites I’ve done this was a .psd to WordPress conversion site with a little bit of creative freedoms and liberties thrown in there. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with this type of work because sometime’s it’s hard to convey to the customer that what they’re wanting in their .psd isn’t realistic or doesn’t follow best practices for modern web design; luckily I did not have that problem on this site. The customer is very experienced when it comes to web design and ensuring that the .psd document was formatted in such a way that it translated very smoothly to an actual website. On top of the actual .psd the customer was extremely easy to communicate with and was willing to have some give and take when I offered up suggestions about how I felt the site should look or function.

What this Lawyer Website Has to Say About Me

“I highly recommend working with Wayne! I run a digital marketing company and have worked with many website development freelancers over the years. Wayne has been a key go-to developer for many of my websites. I find that he continually goes above and beyond the project requirements to make sure that he delivers excellence. You can rely on Wayne to not only provide great work product, but to communicate quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend hiring Wayne. I know that I’ll continue to do so.”

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