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If you’ve been following my posts you’ll remember that a while back I did Amour de Love, a fashion website geared towards being chic and modern. One of the owners reached out to me again and asked me if I would take on another project for this website, Likoba. Since we had a great working relationship already I figured, why not? I’m very glad that I took the job as it’s been a very fun journey from idea to conception.

From the early stages of the product when I was first sent images of the Likoba logo, merchandise, and models, I knew that I was in for a treat. Everything that was sent to me was so professional, looked very sleek and modern, had a very posh atmosphere about it, but wasn’t too over the top. I feel like their products are something that a good majority of women would be interested in and would feel comfortable purchasing. While it all looks very high-end, the prices are still affordable and the quality very high.

Although the project ended up taking a bit longer than we had anticipated, stinking lawyers and trademarks and so on, the site is finally live. I’m very proud of this site because I feel that it is simple, yet elegant, just like a lady should be (and like my lady is). It has the air of high-end fashion and quality with a strong European influence. I’m glad that I was able to work on this site for Likoba, get back in touch with my French roots, and deliver another quality product to one of my business friends.

About Likoba

Likoba Cosmetics brings to you a botanical based skincare line, gentle and extremely effective, gentle, not too heavy, not too light. Dressed in a luxurious, sophisticated, elegant bottle and packaging.

Learn more about Likoba and their wonderful products by clicking here.

What Likoba has to say about me:

“We are extremely satisfied with the job that Wayne had done for us. He is very polite, responds fast and knows what he is doing. We highly recommend him.”

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