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I found Vertigo Gear, and their mother company Hexagear, through Elance, like a lot of my early freelance work. Although I’m not quite 30, I don’t associate myself a whole bunch with a lot of the same people in my age group. I don’t really care for social media and I rarely take selfies because I don’t really see the point, to be honest. However, when I saw the product that Vertigo Gear had to offer I was interested because of its high quality and versatility. I like that their business model came from being photographers without being able to get the proper look and feel that they were going for, instead of being conceited self-centered people who only wanted to show off their face or their feet by the pool.

They were kind enough to provide me with a mockup of what they wanted their site to look like, and that made my life a whole bunch easier. I enjoy having creative and artistic leniency in my projects, which they still afforded me, but I really enjoy having an idea of what the customer wants right off the bat because it seems to make the whole process a lot easier. I normally end up doing between 2 and 4 revisions for people, but with Vertigo Gear and their mockup, I was able to get their site up and going extremely fast.

About Vertigo Gear

Hexagear, like many companies, started out of frustration. We were trying to take these awesome pictures, but we could never get the right angle. None of our shots came out the way we envisioned. So we decided to come up with a product that would help us reach those angles. Help us get the best shots we could normally otherwise never be able to get. And from this, VertiGo Gear was born.

Learn more about Vertigo Gear here.

What Vertigo Gear had to say about me:

“Awesome job. I will be using you again. Thanks!”

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